High-efficiency air cooler without the need to install a ventilation hose as with conventional mobile air conditioners.

It works on the principle of air flow through a water-cooled filter, where it is cooled by spraying in the form of microparticles into the room using a built-in silent powerful fan. It can also function as a cooler and humidifier or as a classic summer fan. Unlike conventional air conditioning, it does not dry out the air, but on the contrary, it slightly humidifies it thanks to the integrated 7 liter water tank. Cooling can be further enhanced by using two special cooling capsules, which are included in the delivery.

IceCube stainless steel design ice maker with extra fast production of ice cubes in two sizes, excellent ice production capacity of 15 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours and quiet operation.

The first batch of nine ice cubes is made in just 9 minutes. An ice scoop for the convenient pouring of ice directly into drinks or bowls included. The high-quality stainless steel casing makes cleaning easier and, unlike the plastic versions, helps to keep the ice maker as good as new throughout its life. An indisputable benefit is a removable container with a capacity of 1.5 kg of ice cubes, that can be moved entirely to the freezer.

Summer tower fan with air ionization function (protection against viruses and bacteria) and remote control of all functions. Three air flow speeds and three operating modes (normal flow, natural breeze and night mode).

Summer tower fan with large-area ventilation grille for maximum and fast cooling of the room on hot summer days, enhanced by the possibility of controlling all the functions via remote control. Inside of the fan is a 57.5 cm high large-area cylinder with the function of ultra-fast cooling of the entire room.


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