COOLTOWER tower fan, white


Summer tower fan with air ionization function (protection against viruses and bacteria) and remote control of all functions. Three air flow speeds and three operating modes (normal flow, natural breeze and night mode).

Summer tower fan with large-area ventilation grille for maximum and fast cooling of the room on hot summer days, enhanced by the possibility of controlling all the functions via remote control. Inside of the fan is a 57.5 cm high large-area cylinder with the function of ultra-fast cooling of the entire room.

  • Height 111 cm
  • Extra-large LED display with graphical display of functions
  • Air ionization function to neutralize odours and eliminate microbes
  • Ionization of air by electrostatic discharge creates healthy anions, which bind very fine dust particles from the air, which settle to the ground, where they can be easily vacuum out. The air is being cleaned at the same time.
  • The ionizer refreshes the air and gives the feeling like after the rain.
  • Ionization of air neutralize odours in room.
  • Ionization eliminates the feeling of exhaled air and headache and contributes to better and calmer sleep
  • 57.5 cm high rotary fan is creating a maximum cooling air column
  • Unlike conventional fans, the entire fan cylinder rotates around its axis, ensuring faster and more efficient cooling over a larger area
  • Aerodynamic shape of the fan cylinder for minimal noise
  • 3 speeds of air flow:
    – low (735 rpm)
    – medium (895 rpm)
    – high (1050 rpm)

  • 3 operating modes:
    – normal flow
    – natural breeze (the fan speed is controlled by a microprocessor and its alternation in several intensities and with time variability the natural breeze is imitated)
    – night mode (the “natural breeze” mode is automatically activated and at the same time the fan speed is gradually reduced for a good night’s sleep)
  • Remote control of all functions (1x CR2032 lithium battery included)
  • Possibility to control all functions directly on the control panel of the fan or by remote control
  • Timer (1/2/4/8 hours)

  • The remote control controls the following functions:
    – operating mode selection
    – activation/deactivation the automatic rotation of the fan
    – switch on the fan and fan speed selection
    – timer
    – switch off the fan

  • The display indicates the following functions:
    – automatic rotation of the fan
    – fan air flow speed
    – timer setting
    – operating mode
    – fan on/off
  • Fully automatic rotation with motor drive in the range of 80°
  • Remote control storage at the top of the cooler
  • Low noise (44 dB)
  • Practical handle for easy carrying
  • Stable base for maximum fan stability
  • Acoustic and optical signalling of changes in functions and modes
  • Overheat protection
  • Maximum air flow speed: 7 m/s
  • Maximum fan air flow: 498 m3/h
  • Network cable length: 1,8 m
  • Rated power consumption: 65 W
  • Dimensions (W × D × H): 29 × 29 × 111 cm
  • Weight: 3,7 kg
  • Package contents:
    – Fan
    – Remote control
    – Lithium battery (1x CR2032)
    – User manual
  • Files to download

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