STEELGLASS, glass + stainless steel


The SteelGlass kitchen scale with a unique sandwich construction of the weighing surface in the form of a two-layer combination of a glass plate covered with a stainless steel plate.

Ease of operation with a large contrast display is enhanced by the Tara function for resetting the weight of the weighing container or weighed food and the gradual weighing function, which allows you to weigh in one container while zeroing the weight of the previous weighed food and after see its final sum of weights. The intelligent function of the scale alerts you, for example, to exceed the maximum capacity or to replace the battery. Of course, the ELDONEX brand supplies the battery together with the scale in the package and LFGB hygienic certification for safe contact of the scale surface with food.

  • Sandwich weighing platform (two-layer combination of glass and stainless steel weighing plate)
  • 4 mm thick tempered safety glass
  • Weight measurement (max. 5 kg with an accuracy of 1 g)
  • Volume measurement (max. 5 liters with an accuracy of 1 ml)
  • Tare function to reset the weight of the weighing container or weighed food
  • Gradual weighing function (allows weighing in one container gradually multiple food and then shows their final sum of weights):
    – directly on the weighing surface
    – on your own plate/container

  • Extra-large LCD display (6,5 × 2,9 cm)

  • 4 highly sensitive weighing sensors for increased weighing accuracy

  • 4 rubber feet for maximum stability during weighing and prevention of slipping on the kitchen counter
  • Smooth unstructured surface for easy and hygienic maintenance
  • Large buttons for easy operation
  • Separate button for turn on/off the scale
  • Automatic shutdown of the display and the scale after two minutes of inactivity
  • Warning indication when the maximum weighing capacity of the balance is exceeded (> 5 kg)
  • Need to replace the battery indication
  • Power supply: 2x 1.5 V alkaline batteries AAA (included in the package)
  • Certification for safe food contact (LFGB)
  • Certificates CE, RoHS
  • Dimensions (W × D × H): 170 × 230,5 × 20 mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 614 g
  • Package contents:
    – Scale
    – Alkaline batteries (2x AAA)
    – User manual
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